Our Story in Carmel

A Family Affair

B & G Jewelers, Inc. is a family owned business founded in 1973 by a European trained Jeweler, Manny Agacanyan.
Manny is a proud third-generation Jeweler and an Armenian-American family man calling Carmel his longtime home.
Being so deeply rooted in the business, both of his sons, Peter and Alex, quickly joined the family business & became expert jewelers.

Our Jewelry Designers

Peter got his education in diamonds and color stones at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) & lived in Southern California for a while.
He graduated from the GIA and got his diploma in diamonds & color stones in 1984-1985.
Peter has been buying & selling diamonds, color stones, fine contemporary & estate Jewelry since 1985.
Peter prides himself in his many years of expertise with his loyal customers worldwide.
Alex is also a graduate of the GIA for design and manufacturing jewelry. After graduating,
Alex worked in Southern California and then travelled to Europe to train and learn the old world tradition and contemporary ways of making jewelry.
He’s been in the jewelry industry since he was 13 years old and has trained under some of the best jewelers in the world.
Alex prides himself in being one of the most skilled and known jewelers in Carmel, CA.

One-of-a-Kind Skills

B & G Jewelers made its reputation on contemporary and classic Estate jewelry pieces, large diamonds, engagement rings,
unique colored gemstones, and one of a kind original pieces on Ocean Avenue in Carmel-By-The-Sea.
B and G Jewelers Carmel Jewelry Store

An Iconic Establishment

Above all, B & G has spent its decades in Carmel building community relationships & prioritizing their customer’s happiness.
With our coast-to-coast and worldwide jewelry services, we embody the fact that buying jewelry is a real thing of TRUST.