Bespoke Jewelry Design

We have in-house, experienced, master jewelers trained in Europe & the US bringing the old-world traditions and current modern ways of designing jewelry.
The combination of experiences of the two worlds techniques of the old and contemporary makes us one of the most skilled fine jewelers in Carmel. 
B and G Jewelers Custom Jewelry Store Bespoke Jewelry Design
B and Jewelers Inc Jewelry Store in Carmel Since 1973

Exquisite Handmade Craftsmanship

With vast experience and knowledge, our ethos is filled with honesty and fairness in pricing with our clients.
We are able to provide a 100% handmade design, carve a wax of the piece in store, then build a mold and cast it.
We are also able to provide a 3D computer image and design the piece of your dreams!

B and G Jewelers Carmel Jewelry Store
Throughout the process, we will inform you of all steps taken with the end result being a masterpiece.
With guaranteed satisfaction and all work done on premises, you can expect to have your custom piece done in the fastest fashion.

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